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VDUB Auto Repair
"Your VW and Audi Experts in Sioux Falls, SD"
"Your VW and Audi Experts in Sioux Falls, SD"

Welcome to Your VW & Audi Repair Shop in Sioux Falls

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy VW & Audi Service shop? Look no further! We offer all-inclusive service across all VW & Audi cars and deliver only the best quality at a fair price. 

Experience the Difference!

  • VDUB Auto Repair is the number one source for VW and Audi repair service in the Sioux Falls and its surrounding area. ". ".
  • Whether you need scheduled maintenance such as an oil change, timing belt service, brakes, tune ups, transmission service, wheel bearings, tire rotation, TDI service, or emergency repair service. Call us for an appointment today. We are committed to providing the best level of customer care when servicing your VW or Audi vehicle.
  • If you simply want a second opinion, just stop by our service and repair center!


German Cars ..... German Quality!


   VDUB Auto Repair is one of the few places in Sioux Falls where you can get German quality work with high quality replacement parts for fair prices!

   We are family owned and operated by a true VW/Audi enthusiast's with many years of experience on Volkswagen and Audi service and repair.
Constant training and up to date certifications over the years are valued assets in conducting our daily business. Combine these with the latest technology, resources and Diagnostic Equipment and the result is a complete VW and Audi service, diagnostic and repair center.
   At VDUB Auto Repair we have the most hands on experience in our area with the newest available VW and Audi vehicles on the market including the TDI engines.


The entire crew at VDUB Auto Repair are VW and Audi enthusiasts, they not only love and understand these vehicles but almost every member of the crew owns an Audi or Volkswagen. The cars includes a few Golf, Jetta's, Beetle, Passat an Audi's, some are gasoline and some are TDI's.



Please note this; NOT everyone is capable to work on these cars. It is your choice where you take your car. Educate yourself. Ask the guys that work on your car about credentials, procedure, specific questions based on your model. We have encountered a  local shops that bring us (maybe YOUR) Audi/VW to repair because they cant figure it out. They pay the bill, than they turn around and mark that bill up for the customer(maybe YOU) and claim that they did the work. We constantly have other shops calling about special tools, procedure informations, diagnostics informations and such to help them fix YOUR car, after they assured you that they can fix your car when you dropped it off. By only focusing on Volkswagen and Audi allows us to give you the best service you should expect. As a result this makes it less expensive for you in the long run. Would you have a computer service center repair your refrigerator? Then why bring your VW or Audi to a service facility who does every make and model under the sun? 

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  • Roy de Vries (Friday, September 09 16 10:02 am EDT)

    We have a 91 Westfalia with a 96/97 TDI engine that decided to stop working (in a rather spectacular fashion with LOTS of smoke and noise) on our cross country trip on the I-90 near Sioux Falls. Alex
    was able to figure out what was broken (luckily only the turbocharger) and get us back on the road within a couple of days. He impressed me with his knowledge and attention to detail. I would highly
    recommend him.

  • Faith Carlson (Saturday, November 28 15 07:18 pm EST)

    Loved the service and Alex is always so friendly, honest and helpful. He does a great job. Best prices and he actually tries to make sure he get's the best prices around for repairs and never
    overcharges. Honestly best mechanic I have found to date, and would recommend him to any girl scared to walk in a repair shop alone! He is honest and takes care of you like his family - Thanks Alex!

  • Hank Blom (Friday, October 17 14 04:59 pm EDT)

    I traveled 800 miles with my Audi A3 TDI to get to VDUB, based on all hat I had read on the web.
    There they took good care of me and even better care of the car.
    Everything was inspected , maintained and if necessary repaired.
    And the result is a car that is good for many more miles.
    The web was right!
    Was it worth the drive?
    Absolutely, there they know what to do and to do it with the perfection Germans are known for but that can also be found in Sioux Falls.
    I can every VW or Audi TDI driver within 800 miles advice to go to this place if you're serious about maintenance or repair.

  • Mark (Monday, October 06 14 06:11 pm EDT)

    Alex knows his stuff. If he does have a question he will do the research and get back to you promptly. Always pleasant, you get to ask the mechanic your questions directly. Alex will lay out your
    options to match your budget. He is a "straight shooter". If you want to have some fun ask him what he would do next to your car. He makes good suggestions.

  • Silviya T. (Friday, August 15 14 11:32 pm EDT)

    My VW Jetta was in need of an emergency repair and Alex was most helpful! In my eyes, he just has passion for what he does. He explained everything clearly and did a great job fixing my car, along
    with some other modifications. If I lived in Sioux Falls, I'd take my VW there every time it needed to be repaired, or even just for an opinion. I've had many mechanics work on my car and I am always
    worried that they may not have the knowledge of how to work on German cars, but not Alex--he's got it!

  • Jeremiah Lindgren (Monday, June 23 14 03:24 pm EDT)

    I contacted Alex to do a Malone Tune on my brand new 2014 Passat Diesel. Alex responded to all my questions very quickly. The day I had the tune done, he was very courteous and everything was done
    very quickly. He is a great guy and very helpful. I will take my car back to him when I need more work done to it in this fashion, even though I live 8 hours away!

  • Lisa W (Sunday, March 30 14 11:31 am EDT)

    Alex is a wonderful mechanic. Trustworthy, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He is my first choice in all repairs on my Jetta!

  • DeLora (Friday, February 21 14 10:40 am EST)

    We took our Audi to VDUB to get a second opinion after going to the local Audi dealership. We are so glad we did! Alex did a great job diagnosing the problem at a much lower cost to us than the
    dealership. Alex also listened to our concerns and did a great job explaining the problem.

  • Kathy (Saturday, August 31 13 01:57 am EDT)

    VDUB is the BEST of the BEST. I know no one will ever match their expertise and quality of work. You won't be sorry. Thanks VDUB, I'm so glad I found you.....

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